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Groups Schedule

Thank you for being interested in CAPS groups! Below you will find the anticipated groups for the Spring 2014 semester. At the end of the page we include the steps you can take to find out more about group. Groups fill up fast, so we encourage you to sign-up as soon as possible. As a reminder, we must meet with all new potential group members before joining group. Unless otherwise indicated, most groups will begin during the middle to end of February. We hope to see you soon!

Aiming High

Thursdays 3:30-4:50

For many of us, there comes a time when it is helpful to have a sympathetic ear, some shared wisdom, and the benefit of others’ experiences. This group is designed to provide that opportunity for those with the drive or desire to tackle challenges they face. A safe, supportive, yet stimulating environment to help you take it to the next level in your life.

Facilitator: Larry Gage, PhD

Anxiety Alternatives

Tuesdays 3:30-4:50 pm

Two, 6 week groups

This group is for students who want to understand and manage their anxiety.  The group will help develop assertiveness, use relaxation techniques, improve self-management skills, and build confidence.

Facilitators: Larry Gage, PhD

Chill Out: From Anxiety to Resilience

Full for the Semester- not currently accepting new members

Wednesdays 5-6:30

Do you worry too much about what other people think?

Does meeting new people make you uneasy?

Do you find ordering at Starbucks to be overwhelming?

Does your anxiety keep you from doing things you enjoy?

This informative WORKSHOP SERIES may be for you!

Facilitators: Carol Evangelisto, LPC

Connecting Students in Recovery

Fridays 2-3

Are you a student who is coping with an alcohol and/or other drug addiction? Do you have the desire to live a lifestyle of recovery? JOIN US! In this group you will connect with fellow students who are also in recovery to give and receive support. Education and resources are available each week. This group is run through the Alcohol and Drug Education Program (ADEP), located in 308 Forcina Hall.

Facilitators: Joe Hadge, MA, SAC, CPS, LCADC; Dana Landesman, and Leah Savadel

Food, Mood and You

Tuesdays 3-4:15

This support group provides an opportunity to talk about and better understand how thoughts, feelings, sense of self, and relationships with others affect eating, body image, and exercise.

Facilitators: Hue-Sun Ahn, PhD

Grief Group

Currently Closed

Tuesdays 1:30-2:45

A space to share thoughts, feelings, and reactions related to the loss of a family member, friend, and/or loved one. Join us as we explore the grief process and share ways for coping and healing.

Facilitator: Kathy Ertel, LPC

Healthy Relationships

Tuesdays 2:30 – 3:30

A group for Women who have been in an unhealthy dating relationship.  Goals include: developing a better understanding of healthy relationships; recognize early warning signs that your relationship might be in trouble; learn ways to protect yourself emotionally & physically.  Please join us in this safe, supportive, and confidential group to begin to heal from the negative impact of hurtful relationships.  We will explore coping skills, overcoming guilt and shame, and learning how to regain a sense of control and emotional well- being. This group is run through the Anti-Violence Initiatives (AVI) office, located in 308 Forcina Hall.

Facilitator: Robbin Loonan MA, DVS, LPC

*Please note: This particular group is gender- specific, as it is designed to be sensitive to group participant issues regarding safety and trust.  Future plans include facilitating “Healthy Relationships” groups for men who have been impacted by power- based personal violence.

Making Connections

Currently Closed

Thursdays 3-4pm Beginning March 27th

Do you experience anxiety in social situations? Find it hard to start and keep relationships? Don’t always feel as though you ‘fit in’? Have difficulties adjusting to college life? If yes, this 6-week workshop offers the chance to learn and practice new social and personal skills in a supportive environment

Facilitator: Eileen Kurowski, PsyD

Men’s Personal Growth Group

Wednesdays 3:15-4:30

Men in college face unique issues and concerns. This group is designed to bring men together to not only find support with one another, but to help each other grow through discussion and education. Goals include improved self-insight, increased confidence, and more successful relationships.

Facilitator: Marc Celentana, PhD, and Julio Rivas, BA

Not the Perfect Family

Mondays 3:15-4:30

An opportunity to share with and get the support of others who have been raised in families with circumstances that prevented healthy family functioning (i.e. addiction, divorce, physical and/or mental illness, controlling behavior, abuse, etc.). Self-esteem, current relationships, self-confidence, and comfort in social settings can be negatively affected; the group offers a chance to choose a more positive approach, to others and to yourself.

Facilitators: Eileen Kurowski, PsyD and Julio Rivas, BA

Parent Loss Support Group

Full for the Semester- not currently accepting new members

Wednesdays 1:30-3

Are you a TCNJ student who has experienced a death of a parent or step-parent? In this group you will receive support from, and give support to, fellow students who have lost a parent or step-parent by talking, listening and learning that your feelings matter, your reactions are normal…and that you are not alone in your grief.

Facilitators: Carol Evangelisto, LPC

Perfectly Imperfect

Thursdays 1:30-3

Do you often experience feelings of anxiety, shame, guilt, and/or self- doubt?   Do you fear that others will judge you?   Does perfectionism control your life?  Through a self- exploration journey that recognizes that we are all “works in progress”, participants in this group will increase their confidence and learn to manage their anxiety.  Please join us in this safe, supportive and encouraging setting.

Facilitators: Kathy Ertel, LPC

Race, Culture and Identity

Currently Closed

Wednesdays 1:30-2:45

Do any of these statements apply to you?

 -Cultural values different from your peers

-Struggle fitting into one racial/ethnic category

-Frustrated that nobody quite understands your concerns

-Family pressure to succeed academically-

-Involved in an interracial or interfaith relationship

-Concerned about others judging you only by your skin color

Interested in meeting other students like you?

 This confidential support group will explore the impacts of personal, family & cultural dynamics on members’ sense of self and on their relationships.

Facilitators: Hue-Sun Ahn, PhD and Ivonne Cruz, MA

 Relationships and You

Currently Closed

Wednesdays 3-4:15

College life includes relationships, and relationships can include problems. A group to discuss difficulties with your relationships (i.e. with friends, family members, and romantic partners) as you balance academic demands. Learn new skills and insights, practice different ways of relating to others, and give and receive support.

Facilitator: Eileen Kurowski, PsyD

Support Group for Students with Divorced or Divorcing Parents

Currently Closed

Mondays 3-4:30

College is difficult enough, but when you have divorced or divorcing parents you may feel as if you are carrying an extra burden.   You are not alone. By joining this group you will:

-find support and understanding from fellow students

-provide support and understanding to fellow students

-learn more about your feelings and ways to manage them

-learn new ideas for coping with challenging and changing family dynamics

Facilitator: Carol Evangelisto, LPC


Think you may want to join a group? Please take one of the next set of steps below to find out more.

1. Been a CAPS client (individual or group therapy) in the past? Great!

Please fill out the abbreviated CAPS Request for Group Services form (RFGS) found here.

Were you a previous group member? Chances are you do not need to meet for another pre-group appointment and you will be contacted regarding the start date of the group.

If you’ve never been in the group before, please contact CAPS. Email front desk staff Ms. Danica Roskos at, to set up an appointment with the group facilitator(s) before the start date of the group. During this meeting, you will have a chance to discuss your interest in the group, ask questions, identify goals, and determine if group is right for you.

2. Never been a CAPS individual or group therapy client before? Let’s sign you up!

First, please fill out the full Request for Services form (RFS) found here.

Next, please contact CAPS. Email front desk staff Ms. Danica Roskos at to set up an appointment with the group facilitator(s) before the start date of the group. During this meeting, you will have a chance to discuss your interest in the group, ask questions, identify goals, and determine if group is right for you.